This interactive map will display the range of each known sub-species of taxidea taxus. Click on the sub-species buttons surrounding the map. The button you select will be "darkened", and an overlay placed on the map showing its range. Text will appear in this box indicating range details. For the complete range of the species taxidea taxus, go to the World Population Distribution maps. You will notice that there are sixteen sub-species of badger listed. This is because available reference materials disagree on number, names, and ranges. As a solution to this, every sub-species listed has been shown. Four of them, taxidea taxus berlandieri, taxidea taxus jacksoni, taxidea taxus jeffersoni and taxidea taxus taxus achieve the most consensus among available scientific sources, and have been segregated at the base of the map. The range overlays have been averaged between sources where conflicting, and should not be taken as precise guides. Also, maps give no indication of population density in these regions, nor is any such data currently available. Source data is credited on the where page. Map buttons are not available through Babel Fish translation. These maps were last updated on 15th June, 2002, but source information may be considerably older.

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