This is the home of Taxidea Taxus,
the North American Badger.

Here for your Information, entertainment, and advocacy.

Who else has them? (The links.) Follow these tunnels to the many educational and entertaining sites dedicated to the badger. There are links to organizations dedicated to protecting and caring for badgers, other pages featuring badgers, and personal pages held by namesakes of the badger. Please visit my fellow badgers, but be sure to leave a trail of bread crumbs! (Not so that you can find your way back, I just happen to like bread crumbs.)

What are they? (The data.) If you have to ask that, you shouldn't be organizing any petting zoos. Are you doing a school report? Just want the facts? This is the tunnel to follow. I wonder what the Encyclopedia Britannica people are doing now that we have the Internet.

Where are they? (The maps.) Visit the map room to find out if a badger might be gracing your region. (Yeah..."gracing", that's what we're going to call it.) Also, if you've arrived here by one of the very, very deep tunnels, you may find your badgers on this page. All badgers are welcome, and it is the nature of the badger to occasionally share his sett with other animals. (Friends of Meles Meles, the British badger, are especially encouraged to visit this page.)

When can I see one? (The gallery.) Right now, of course. (Ah, the lengths to which we'll go for alliteration.) This tunnel leads to the gallery, and the best of my collection. Here you will find video & audio clips, and many pictures and drawings.

Why won't he leave? (The message board.) Found a big hole, and fear six-foot rabbits have invaded? Snakes, gophers, and small dogs vanishing unexpectedly? Does it look like a drunk's been through your field with a post-hole digger? You may have a badger. Now what do you do? Here is a forum for advice, opinion or, at least, commiseration.

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